Oregon Shadow Theatre
Skeleton skateboarder - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase   


by the Oregon Shadow Theatre

A shadow play based on Mexican folktales

Behind the illuminated shadow screen, colorful shadow puppets come to life and tell the story of The Green Bird. A drum roll and a cymbal crash, the calliope sound of a button accordion, and the play begins: A boy is transformed into a fortune-telling bird by a magician. A brave girl journeys through Mexico to save him. In her travels, she encounters fantastic characters and scenes from Mexico's rich folkloric tradition. She sees skeletons dancing to the song La Bamba at a Day of The Dead fiesta. The climax of the play is set in the Bull Ring, where the audience joins in shouting "Ole!"

Colorful and intricate shadow puppets combine with live music, voices and sound effects to create a delightful family entertainment.

Program running time: 45 to 50 minutes

"The flavor of the Mexican culture came through very well... Dia de los Muertos, La Llorona, Pancho Villa and Aztec culture... The guitar with the rest of the instruments added a 'mariachi' flavor... the interaction of the audience with its crescendo of 'Bravos!' added a real sense of excitement."

Judy Pinkerton, Spanish Teacher
Oregon Episcopal School, Portland
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