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Jack runs from the Dragon - Deb Chase, shadow puppeteer / Mick Doherty, musician - Photo by Leo Arfer   


by the Oregon Shadow Theatre

A shadow puppet play
based on an Appalachian fairy tale

There are many stories about Jack and his Ma in the Appalachian Mountains. In this fairy tale, after swatting 7 flies at one whack, Jack is hired by the King to hunt some pesky varmints, like a Giant Hog and a Unicorn, before he has to face the meanest varmint of all. He still finds time to kick up his heels with the King's daughter at a barn dance. Colorful shadow puppets, live old time American banjo and dulcimer music and a barrel of laughs send Jack and the Dragon running down the hollow.

Program running time: 45 minutes

"A great introduction to the Jack stories and an enriching cultural experience. The shadow puppets were exquisite incorporating quilt, patchwork and whirligigs from folk art. The music, sound effects and narrative twined seamlessly with the on-stage action! Garnered many compliments from the audience and requests for their schedule."

"Still the best show around! The Jack Tales were perfect for our diverse audience"

Notes from King County (Washington) Librarians

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