Oregon Shadow Theatre
Pecos Bill meets the Cowboys of the IXL Ranch - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase - Photo by Leo Arfer   


The Oregon Shadow Theatre received the Citation of Excellence in Puppetry from Unima-USA (The "oscar" of American puppetry created by the late Jim Henson) for Pecos Bill, A Tall Tale.

"The show was wonderful!"
Susan Swarthout, Director, Discovery Theater
Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC

Program running time: 35 minutes
with "Ballad of Bigfoot": 50 minutes

In the folklore of the American West, Pecos Bill has been called the creator of the Rio Grande, the lasso, the rodeo, and the first cowboy songs. The OST production Pecos Bill, A Tall Tale follows Bill from his childhood (raised by coyotes!), through his adventures (fighting mythical beasts, riding a cyclone, falling in love with a woman who rides catfish!), to the inevitable settling of the West.

Mick Doherty takes on the character of an old man who was a cowboy "back in them days..." Visible down stage from the shadow screen, the old man shares the story of Pecos Bill. The storyteller fades into darkness as the characters come to life with colorful shadow puppets. Deb Chase brings the puppets to life as Doherty provides musical and sound effects accompaniment. The graceful movement of the shadow figures and visual effects combine with sounds of hammered dulcimer, harmonica and various sound effects devices to create a delightful rendition of the tall tale of Pecos Bill.

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