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Sinbad and the Cyclops - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase

Mick Doherty, Storyteller & Musician - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase - Photo by Leo Arfer

Luisa from 'Green Bird' - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase
"A bright array of talent...stretches the imagination..."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"The Oregon Shadow Theatre neatly illustrates how striking cut-out puppets can be when light and shadow are artfully applied."
Seattle Times

Susan Swarhout, Director, Discovery Theater
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

"... without a doubt this is the best show I have ever seen. The creativity, the story line, and the music were perfection under the artistic talents of Deb and Mick. Range of appeal for all age levels is a real plus."
Sally W. Johnson, Principal
Whitman School, Portland, Oregon

"These performers/artists are the best... a complete show, a total performance: music, art, storytelling, puppetry. Our patrons were delighted. Bravo!"
Sue Mooseker
King County Library System

"Thank you for making our season a great success. What a great combination and great pleasure to have your company in Idaho."
Sandy Thomsen, Program Director
Idaho Falls Arts Council

"Utterly delightful to experience. They are an incredible, unique team!"
Sherry Johns,
Montana Puppet Guild

"The performance set a high standard of excellence."
Louise Booth, Artistic Director
Pacific Northwest Festival, Victoria, BC

"The Oregon Shadow Theatre is one of the highlights of the Summer Reading program at the Bellevue Regional Library. I can't imagine a summer program without them and our public would be outraged if they were not a prominent part of our line-up. This is because Deb Chase and Mick Doherty are consummate performers. They know their audience, the shows are fresh, funny and thoughtful, the execution is flawless and the music fabulous - and live! They have a plethora of programs suited to every library and taste. What we especially appreciate about their shows is their direct link to literature and reading. As an aside, many of our patrons follow the Oregon Shadow Theatre around to every production we have in the King County Library System.

This spring we also took the Oregon Shadow Theatre to several of our schools as part of our Summer Reading promotion. The schools loved the shows and hope we will return again next year for the same kind of promotion!"

Cecilia P. McGowan
Manager, Children's Department
Bellevue Regional Library

Quotes from more librarians:

"One of the parents called the library to say what a fantastic show and performance. He wanted to thank the library for having the Oregon Shadow Theatre. The details & quality of the show is excellent -- music, storytelling & puppetry."

"This is a fantastic show for kids and adults - thank you!"

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