Mick Doherty - Musician/Voice Actor


I've made a number of recordings over the years.

As an example of the versatility of the dulcimer, here's an MP3 sample of a recording I made of the well known Mexican folk tune "La Llorona": La Llorona

This version of "La Llorona" is inspired by the playing of Pedro Ruiz, a great salterio player who made a record in the 1970's called "The Mexican Psaltery". Salterio is the Mexican version of the hammer dulcimer, although in fact it is often plucked with finger-picks. I recorded this at home on dulcimer, guitar and string bass.


CD Baby

I have three recordings available at CD Baby as digital downloads & CDs. CD Baby is an extremely reliable and friendly Portland-based company, and they ship every weekday. You can listen to selections from all three CDs on CD Baby.


eMusic sells real MP3 files, so when you buy your MP3s there, you'll be able to play them on ANY computer and ANY device, not just Apple stuff.


Trail Band

I've also recorded many albums with the Trail Band. You can learn about the Trail Band and our albums at www.trailband.com.