Oregon Shadow Theatre
Shadow puppets by Deb Chase

Schedule of Public Performances

Use the highlighted links to presenters to determine age limits, ticket prices, and other useful information.



  • January 17, Wednesday
    6:30 pm, Anansi the Spider
    Forest Grove Library
    Forest Grove, Oregon
    Admission is free, check library link for age limits and other information.

  • January 27, Friday at 7pm
    January 27 & 28, Saturday and Sunday at 4:30pm
    Nordic Northwest
    8800 SW Oleson Rd.
    Portland, OR 97223

Doc Chapeau Meets the Gill Man - Shadow puppet by Deb Chase
Doc Chapeau Meets Gill Man

Pecos Bill rides Lighting, from 'Pecos Bill, A Tall Tale' - Shadow puppet by Deb Chase
Pecos Bill

'Bigfoot and the Stink-O-Meter' - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase
Bigfoot & the Stink-O-Meter

Anansi the Spider and the River Goblin - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase
Anansi the Spider

Puss meets a Mardi Gras Indian, from 'Puss in Boots' by Oregon Shadow Theatre, shadow puppets by Deb Chase
Puss in Boots

Jack runs from the Dragon - Deb Chase, shadow puppeteer / Mick Doherty, musician - Photo by Leo Arfer
Jack and the Dragon

'Far out! A Flower Child!' - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase

Skateboarder from The Green Bird - A Mexican Story - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase
The Green Bird

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