Oregon Shadow Theatre
Sinbad meets Maymoona and her pet tiger Lanka - Shadow puppets by Deb Chase   


by the Oregon Shadow Theatre

Shadow puppets and live music
Performed by Deb Chase and Mick Doherty

From the depths of misfortune to the heights of glory, Sinbad the Sailor shares his exotic tales of adventure. Shipwrecked, Sinbad exhausts his wits as he encounters strange kingdoms, deserted islands, one-eyed ogres, giant birds, sea monsters, and a valley of glittering diamonds guarded by serpents. Elegant, graceful and richly colored shadow puppets fly across the stage. A cascade of live music from the santoor (Persian & Arabic dulcimer) and darbuka (hand drum) and an array of sound effects weave a spell as humor, enchantment and suspense thrill audiences in this magnificent and beloved story from the Arabian Nights.

Program running time: 45 to 50 minutes

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